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Have one of our experts write your resume today.
Have one of our experts write your resume today.

Take the guesswork out of resume writing.

Certified ExpertsCertified Experts

Our experts are CPRW certified by The Professional Association of Résumé Writers.

ATS CompliantATS Compliant

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by employers to automatically filter out candidate resumes. We understand how these automated systems work and what they're looking for in a resume.

5+ Years Experience5+ Years Experience

Our experts have over five years of experience in resume writing and recruiting.

Resume Butlers is dedicated to providing top resume writing services online utilizing professional resume writers. Our staff are certified professional resume writers experienced in offering affordable student, associate, management, and executive resume reviews and creations.

Taking time to tailor your resume to your job posting will increase your chances to get that interview by over 70%. Here are some current statistics within the employment world.

Around 10% of all applications obtain an interview
Unprofessional emails lead to 70%+ discarded resumes
75%+ resumes with a photo of the applicant gets rejected
ATS is responsible for eliminating over 70% of resumes

Building Your Best Resume


Understand ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are the first obstacle to overcome for most applicants. These systems match keywords within a resume against those of the job listing and automatically filter out candidates.

For a better understanding of ATS and how to tailor your resume for ATS parsing please read our Understanding ATS page for a deeper insight into ATS.


Follow Our Resume Guide

Our experts have written an easy-to-use guide on how to write a resume. This guide goes over some of the do's and don'ts of resume writing and includes examples to help guide you as you write your resume.

Our guide on How to Write a Resume will help you build a resume that is easy for both ATS and a hiring agent to read.


Get Assistance From An Expert

If you are still having doubts about your resume or would like someone else to do it, we are here to help! Our resume experts will revise your existing resume or create an entirely new resume for you.

Our resume experts are CPRW certified by The Professional Association of Résumé Writers and have spent the last 5+ years specializing in resume writing and recruiting.

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